Screening is required for all new friends.

please see the screening tips below>>


Screening tips:

please provide this information:

Name/age/nationality/current photo(if you can)/cell number/short description of yourself/desired date, time and length of appointment/ 

Please have a minimum of two recent provider references. Please include reference contact info, links to websites or ads and when was the last time you saw your references. 


***for gentlemen who do not have provider references I also offer the option of employment verification all info is handled discreetly. I do require name of company, position at company, company website(if applicable), work email and phone number. 


***Since we are both not offering any illegal activity, I would like to kindly ask that you do not include explicit language or talk about sex acts in either your text or email.


***Please provide as much infomation as you can so that I will know who I am expecting to meet and this will help me reply promptly.



Why screening? 


Because I would like to be very comfortable meeting you. We both have provided lots of information about us on social media sites. You already know a lot about who you are going to meet and I am expecting the same from you.

When I ask for your personal information such as your name, your carreer ,your history, I only need to know that you are real and you are gentlemanly enough for our meeting. 

I would like to make sure you are not a harmful person and we both want to feel very comfortable before meeting. I always respect your discretion so the information you have provided will be kept confidential cryptically between you and me only in my private email and I will permanently delete everything after our first encounter. I respect your own safety and privacy and I am expecting the same from you as well. 

There are lots of people out there who have a bad intentions. Therefore, I am not meeting people without knowing that they are safe enough to meet. My safety always comes first since I am taking 20 times more risk than you are.

Please,,, remember a professional really cares about offering you the best thing and treating you nicely in order to have you as a retutning client. I will never cross the line so, I can garantee that your personal information will be kept strickly confidential between you and me only. We have to be on the same page for a successful meeting. 

I have no interest in crossing your bounderies. 

my top piority is only caring about my own safety period.....

***for gentlemen who don't want to share anything, I completely understand and greatly respect your concern, however, please don't contact me if you are not willing to share any information. That will save our valuable time. 


Thank you for your understanding and your kind cooperation.

We are looking forward to spending and sharing our memorable time with you soon.


Much love,,


Rita and Taylor